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Triple Steel Pipe Burner
Wide Fireplace Triple Steel Burner


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Triple Steel U Burner Sizes:


If your fireplace from Front to Back is longer than 21"  inches you may choose to use to use a triple burner system. Triple Burners are 12 inches wide. 

To determine what size pipe burners you need, measure the Back and Front width of your fireplace. If f
or example the back-width measures 24" inches your may use an 18" for the back pipe.   And if the front-width is 32" inches, you may use a 24" pipe for the front.  Your middle pipe (3rd pipe) can be either size (front or back).

Recommended Guidelines:  
  • Widths from 23" to 29" inches may use a 18" inch pipe 
  • Widths from 30" to 35" inches may use a 24" inch pipe
  • Widths from 36" to 41" inches may use a 30" inch pipe 
  • Widths from 42" to 47" inches may use a 36" inch pipe
  • Widths from 48" to 53" inches may use a 42" inch pipe
  • Widths from 54" to 64" inches may use a 48" inch pipe
  • Widths from 65" to 71" inches may use a 60" inch pipe

Generally speaking you want about 2" to 4" inch margin from the
edge of the pipes from the left and right side wall of your fireplace.

Also place your burner in the center but more towards the front than in the back

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